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Tell Tony Attwood and Isabelle Henault to disassociate themselves from hate groups

Tony Attwood and Isabelle Hénault are respected experts in the field of autism. Over the last few years, they've chosen to associate themselves with a series of groups and events attempting to promote stereotypes and misinformation that imply that autistic people are unfit parents and spouses. These groups are working to write discrimination into family law and professional practice, denying autistic adults the same right to marry, have and raise children and be judged by their actions instead of stereotypes and misinformation. Here's what you can do:

1) Go sign our petition telling Tony Attwood and Isabelle Hénault that their actions are unacceptable and calling on them to disassociate their names and reputations from hate groups:

2) Follow up by sending both of them e-mails telling them that you support the right of all autistic people to be treated as equals and not to be subject to stereotypes and discrimination. Tell them that it is crucial that they apologize and make amends for their endorsement of groups that preach hatred and bigotry. Their e-mails can be found here: is the e-mail for Tony Attwood and is the e-mail for Isabelle

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