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Tell TN Senators: Don't Repeal the Living Wage

Workers across Tennessee need your support in stopping an attempt by state Senate to repeal local fair wage laws that have been passed in communities across the state.

In 2006, Memphis passed a Living Wage Ordinance covering workers on City service contracts. In 2007, Shelby County passed a similar local law. Memphis, Shelby County, and Davidson County have also passed fair wage laws for local government construction contracts.

Senate Bill 3276 would repeal these local fair wage laws, and ban any other Tennessee communities from setting living wage requirements. If the law is passed, some workers covered by current fair wage laws could see their pay cut by as much as 43%.

Please stand with workers across the state and call on the Senate State and Local Government committee to protect the rights of city and county governments to make the decisions that are best for their citizens and keep the over-reaching arm of the state government out of our local affairs.


Letter to
Sen. Ken Yager
Sen. Stacey Campfield
Sen. Jack Johnson
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Sen. Lowe Finney
Sen. Mike Faulk
Sen. Thelma Harper
Sen. Joe Haynes
Sen. Bill Ketron
Sen. Mark Norris
Dear Senator,

I urge you to vote no on Senate Bill 3276 when it's considered in the State and Local Government committee.

State government should not be in the business of interfering in local governments affairs. At least 5 local fair wage laws would be overturned by SB 3276. All of these laws were passed by local governments out of a desire to make sure they were contracting with businesses that behave responsibly towards their employees.

If these local laws were causing serious problems for businesses, they would have been repealed by now by the bodies that actually enacted them. This bill attempts to solve a problem that does not exist.

Even with discussions about possibly exempting the Memphis living wage ordinance, this bill would still reverse other local wage laws. It represents a massive intrusion by the state into local affairs, which I assume you would not support.



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