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Tell TN Lawmakers: Vote No on the License to Bully bill

Legislation (HB1153/SB0760) filed in the Tennessee General Assembly would allow youth to escape consequences for bullying, intimidation and harassment of fellow students while expressing their "religious, philosophical, or political views.” Such a policy would provide students and school staff a license to bully students because of race, ethnicity, sex, religious preference, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression or other attributes.

Michigan State Senator Gretchen Whitmer fought hard to stop a similar "License to Bully" bill in her state. In her video above, she encourages Tennesseans to contact their elected officials to stop bad bullying policies in the Volunteer State.

Tell Tennessee lawmakers to vote no on the License to Bully bill!

Letter to
Senator Jim Tracy
Senator Brian Kelsey
Senator Andy Berke
and 26 others
Senator Charlotte Burks
Senator Rusty Crowe
Senator Jim Summerville
Senator Reginald Tate
Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey
State Representative Courtney Rogers
State Representative Harry Brooks
State Representative Barry Doss
State Representative Kevin Brooks
State Representative Beth Harwell
State Representative Joseph Pitts
State Representative Bill Dunn
State Representative Craig Fitzhugh
State Representative Dale Carr
State Representative John Windle
State Representative John DeBerry
State Representative Lois Deberry
State Senator Dolores Gresham
State Representative Ron Lollar
State Representative Debra Moody
State Representative Joe Carr
State Representative John Ragan
State Representative John Forgety
State Representative Dennis Powers
State Representative Ryan Williams
Tennessee Governor
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Tennessee lawmakers and Governor Bill Haslam.

Stop the "License to Bully" bill from harming Tennessee's youth

Legislation filed in the Tennessee General Assembly (HB1153/SB0760) would give students a license to bully, intimidate and harass fellow students while expressing their "religious, philosophical, or political views.” Such a policy would empower bullies and create loopholes that make schools less safe for all Tennessee students.

It's time for Tennesseans to stop using children as pawns for social, religious and political agendas. We need to be focusing on ways to ensure that Tennessee students receive an education free from bullying, harassment and intimidation.

We need to increase protective factors and decrease risk factors for students in Tennessee schools. I ask you to join us in that effort.

Vote no on the "License to Bully" bill (HB1153/SB0760). The health and welfare of Tennessee children may depend on it.