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Petitioning CEO of Ticketmaster Nathan Hubbard

Tell Ticketmaster: Stop hijacking fans' rights!


As fans, it's time to stand up to Ticketmaster and their live event and sports team partners, and demand they stop their latest shenanigans that - as usual - are aimed at expanding the Ticketmaster monopoly and charging fans more money. 

Ticketmaster's newest ploy is digital tickets that are locked to a purchaser's credit card and photo ID. Ticketmaster says this is an anti-fraud tool, but the real goal is to tie you - and your friends - to Ticketmaster so they make more money.  In order to share these "paperless" tickets with friends you must use the Ticketmaster website and give Ticketmaster all your friends' data - including credit card numbers! And if you cannot attend an event and want to re-sell your tickets, they get the resale fees and your buyer's personal information.  

Think tickets are a great gift?  Think again - because some digital tickets are entirely non-transferrable. So if you buy your kids or parents tickets for an event you don't care to see, you still have to escort them in because your credit card and photo ID are needed for entry. 

Does your uncle have season tickets he’s been sharing with you for years? With new digital tickets there are also new "convenience" fees, even to give away your tickets to family or a charity. 

It's time to stop Ticketmaster from limiting our options, choices and rights. If we buy a ticket, we own it. We are the fans and it's our money. We have already paid Ticketmaster to buy our tickets; we shouldn't have to pay again to share our tickets or give them away. And we should be able to choose any market we select if we want to re-sell our tickets. 

Ticketmaster already has too much control over ticket prices, delivery fees and technologies. Join the thousands of fans telling Nathan Hubbard, CEO of Ticketmaster, that enough is enough: We should have the right to use our tickets as we choose. Our tickets belong to us.

Letter to
CEO of Ticketmaster Nathan Hubbard
As a fan, I’m writing you today to stand up against restrictive paperless tickets.

You claim that paperless tickets are convenient for fans, but your "convenience" makes it harder to enter an event than to board an airplane. By requiring fans to show a credit card and ID to enter a venue, we can no longer meet friends at our seats, we have to escort gift recipients into an event, and we are stuck with Ticketmaster's expensive resale marketplace if we choose to re-sell our tickets because illness or business obligations prevent us from attending an event.

As fans, restrictive paperless tickets mean less control, more hassles, and more fees paid to ticketing companies like yours. This so-called "convenience" makes you more money, gives you my friends' personal information, and makes it much harder and more expensive to share tickets, donate them to charity, or buy them as a gift.

I’m calling on you to give fans a choice in how they use their tickets. My tickets belong to me.

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