Petition Closed

The City of Tulsa, through the Tulsa Authority for the Recovery of Energy (TARE), has to award a new contract for refuse collection because the current contract is about to expire (after 32 years). In the process, they have developed proposed changes to the city’s trash service that represent significant improvements, such as:

  * Those with less trash will pay less

  * Greater ease in recycling for no added fee like we pay now

  * Reduction in the amount of trash our city disposes, which reduces trash going into the landfill and lowers our disposal fees

  * Reducing (through CNG vehicles) city air pollutants, which will help keep Tulsa off the federal “dirty air” list, thus avoiding job losses, higher costs, greatly increased regulation and higher gas pump prices

  * Reduce heavy truck wear and tear on our streets (which taxpayers have to pay to repair) through dramatically improved routes (the current route system is like spaghetti – all over the city!)

  * Cleaner streets on trash day with provided containers that have attached lids

They will still offer the special for-fee services they do today, such as backyard pick-up, etc., for those who want that.

However, a small number of extremely vocal opponents have whipped up a frenzy of misinformation and fear about these changes, causing some to question whether Tulsans want the above improvements.  Well, guess what!? WE DO!

Please sign the petition so that TARE, the Tulsa City Council and the Tulsa Mayor’s office know there ARE Tulsans who want better trash service and lots of us! If they don’t hear from us, they will assume the opinion of the more vocal stands for us all and that might put these improvements in jeopardy. Let them hear from you! 

If you are still not convinced, go to for more information about why this is important.


Letter to
TARE board city liaison Melanie Brinkman
District 3: Councilor Roscoe Turner
District 2: Councilor Rick Westcott
and 9 others
District 8: Councilor Bill Christiansen
District 1: Councilor Jack Henderson
District 7: Councilor John Eagleton
District 6: Councilor Jim Mautino
District 5: Councilor Chris Trail
District 4: Councilor Maria Barnes
District 9: Councilor G.T. Bynum
Jeff Mulder
Mayor's Action Center Mayor Dewey Bartlett
I just signed the following petition stating that Tulsans DO Want Better Trash Service!.

Dear TARE, City Council and City of Tulsa,

I just signed a petition, which shows I do support the changes which are in the proposed refuse collection plan that calls for:

Lower fees for those with less trash
Easier voluntary recycling for no extra charge
Reducing the amount of trash our city disposes in landfills
Reducing the air pollutants in our city’s air by using CNG vehicles (helping keep us off the “dirty air” list which affects job growth and leads to costs at the pump to me!)
Reducing heavy truck traffic on our neighborhood streets which reduces wear and tear and the need for repair
Cleaner streets on trash day
Newer, partially automated trucks which help refuse workers stay healthy by not having them lift those heavy containers and pitch them into the truck

Please do not assume that because a small number of extremely vocal opponents do not want the improved plan that they represent the views of the majority of Tulsans. They do not.

Please put the proposed refuse plan into place and give us the improved trash service our city deserves!

Thank you very much for your kind attention to this matter and for your hard work on what has unnecessarily become a very difficult issue.