Tell the World! Do Something for Johnny and our Men

Tell the World! Do Something for Johnny and our Men

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“Tell the world, Johnny, tell them, Johnny Depp, I, a man, am a victim too of domestic violence. And see how many people believe or side with you.”    –  Amber Heard

The Depp v Heard trial is more than just an intriguing story of celebrities airing their marital issues in front of the world. This is an excruciatingly painful story of how Amber abused Johnny AND this is the story of our innocent men all over the world who have been falsely accused and brutally abused by “Ambers”.

Before I continue, let me just say this… THANK YOU FOR SPEAKING OUT, JOHNNY! Thank you for telling the world! Thank you for speaking out so that our men will now know that they are not alone!

Let’s just be real here! Amber is applying cheap theatrics to profoundly serious crimes, and in the process is making a mockery of rape and abuse! In essence, she is punching every real victim square in the face. Feminists supporting her are those of the toxic wave that want nothing more than the center of focus to be on them, the movement. The movement that does nothing more than support their livelihoods but does everything in its power to destroy the men we love.

We’ve known women like Amber for years but frustratingly our stories are forced underground and silenced by the powers that be. For decades, our men have been suffering at the hands of violently abusive women; losing their children in custody cases backed by a system more often than not believes the false accusations of assault and abuse; spending years in prison for a rape that never happened; and, tragically choosing suicide as their only way out of what seems like a hopeless situation complicated by a socially acceptable yet toxic narrative set against our men.

This is what we’re here to change. We want to change the toxic narrative that leads our citizens to believe that every accusation made must be true simply because she said so. We want to raise awareness of how easily our men are falsely accused and wrongfully convicted of rape and abuse. We want to save our men and boys from “Ambers”!

Typically, media will only publish the sensationalized stories designed to capture readership. You know it and I know it. Occasionally we’ll see stories attempting to expose the root of evil, but they are quickly chopped down by the toxic feminists that insist that prosecuting false accusers will deter other women from coming forward. Even worse, they’ll use unverified statistics to claim that false accusations are rare.

Then we’ll see solid articles such this one: Robert DuBoise exonerated after spending 37 years in prison for a rape and murder he did not commit. 37 Years!?! The Washington Post published this story in an article, “More than half of all wrongful criminal convictions are caused by government misconduct, study shows”. The article mentions the study done by The National Registry of Exonerations which shows that “54 percent of those defendants are victimized by official misconduct, with police involved in 34 percent of cases, prosecutors in 30 percent, and some cases involving both police and prosecutors.”

Do you still believe Amber was abused by Johnny? Do you still believe a guilty conviction means guilty? Do you still believe all women? Please take a moment to review just a few of the stories of our innocent men destroyed by #AmberLies.

You can find the stories of Jerry Cox and Kit Martin at our National Coalition For Men website. Jerry was falsely accused of sexual assault by Ashley. Kit, serving a life sentence for murders he did not commit, was framed by an angry and revengeful ex-wife who said she would destroy his life.

Daniel Holtzclaw’s story reveals how law Oklahoma City Police framed him. 263 years for crimes he would never think of committing. 13 poor women who had histories of drug and prostitution charges were coerced into making up false accusations.

Jeffrey Deskovic, a kind soul, entered prison at the tender age of 17 for the rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl. His DNA never matched what was found but due to malicious prosecution he spent 16 years in prison. While Mr. Deskovic was in prison, the real killer went on to murder another person.

Drew Clinton and Judge Adrian have been shamed by the world for simply doing the right thing. Dr. Phil, in his February 2022 episode, “Judge Reverses Sexual Assault Conviction: Teen Victim Speaks out”, goes as far as to add a clip from the accuser’s dad saying that the DNA was all over his daughter, Cammy Vaughan. The DNA found was not sperm. It was non-sperm DNA transferred from Drew’s jacket that he lent to Cammy to keep her warm because she was cold. You can view Attorney Drew Schnack’s video to hear the truth. Drew Clinton is innocent.

In a lesser-known case out of Kendall County, Illinois, there are sworn affidavits recounting prosecutorial misconduct. Witnesses from the galley saw a prosecutor point out the defendant to the witness on the stand. The States Attorney had to have known that his physical actions would never be recorded in the transcripts. According to the affidavits, he used his body and arm motions to point directly to the defendant when the witness had trouble finding this person in galley. Motion was filed to make the courtroom video available as proof, but the judge refused. This judge further went on to say that the video would not be preserved for appellate courts either. In short, the appeal process has been ongoing now for 2 ½ years while he sits in prison wrongfully convicted of sexual assault.

In another case, a High School student recorded her consent to have sex with him. After the story became known, this girl and her family pursued rape charges. Thank God a non-biased investigation took place. The recorded consent held up the truth and resulted in no charges being filed. However, this has permanently changed this young man’s life. Family and friends that love him are forever scared with the life changing stressor of dealing with a false accusation.

Another case highlights how a dad was falsely accused of abusing his child. This occurred after the mom was court ordered to return their child to the state where the father lived. As if the false accusation of child abuse was not enough, others speculate that the mom went on to set him up for a crime. Knowing full well that he needed money to live as well as money to defend himself in court, it’s been speculated that she drew upon his previous history with drug issues. Parental alienation knows no boundaries. Toxic women will stop at nothing to destroy the dad and in the process, they are destroying our children.

Yet another case highlights how women will use their children to make false accusations of sexual assault against men only to further their hateful revenge. The weekend before the start of a trial, the Dane County ASA presented evidence of an earlier false accusation of sexual assault to the defendant’s attorney with a note saying she did not think it was relevant but thought she should hand it over anyway. As of now, the trial is on hold as the new evidence paints a pattern of false accusations. The man is innocent, not one shred of evidence yet he and his family continue to suffer.

Too many more to add…stories that will fill your heart with both anger and stinging pain.

In the cherished words given to me by our late and beloved Marc Angelucci, “we must change the laws” that are sexist and biased against our men. A clear example is The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). It is sexist and biased against our men. It is this very law that has allowed toxic people like Amber Heard to feign victimhood and slide through the system to destroy our men. It is this very law that has silenced our male victims and forced them into suicidal decisions. It is this law that is supporting a multibillion-dollar industry off the backs of our innocent men and boys!

VAWA must be repealed or drastically changed. At the very least, the name must be changed to Violence Against People. Congress is in no position to do that because none of them are willing to risk their careers to make bold position statements. To change that law, we must first raise awareness of how easy it is for toxic women like Amber Heard to falsely accuse, abuse, and destroy the men we love! Help us tell the world that Johnny and our men are victims, too! Put an end to the gender specific war against our men and boys!

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1,568 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!