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Petitioning The Watauga County Board of Elections

Tell the Watauga County Board of Elections: "Don't suppress our vote!"

ASU students fought hard for the right to vote on campus but that right is now in danger. Just this afternoon, the Republican member of the Watauga County Board of Elections, Stacy C. Eggers IV, single-handedly refused to extend early voting hours despite the Governor declaring a State of Emergency in Boone and Watauga County.

Even though hundreds of voters could not cast their ballots today because of extreme snow and high winds, Mr. Eggers decided to play partisan politics by blocking the emergency extension of early voting hours. This isn’t the first time Mr. Eggers has tried to discourage student voting. This summer he voiced his opposition to voting on campus in the Student Union.

This does not have to be a done deal. The Board of Elections can decide at any time to announce and hold an emergency meeting so that Mr. Eggers can reconsider his bad decision.

Sign the petition below and tell Mr. Eggers and the local Board of Elections that our voices deserve to be heard. Tell them to extend the early voting hours in ASU’s Student Union.

Letter to
The Watauga County Board of Elections
Emergency conditions have impaired our ability to vote. Extend voting hours at early voting locations to allow us our constitutional right to cast our ballot.