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Tell the Utah Wildlife Board Not to Extend the Trap-Check Requirement

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On January 4, 2011, the Utah Wildlife Board will meet to discuss various proposals and issues. One of those actions will be a proposal to extend the trap-check requirement from once every 48 hours to once every four days -- or possibly even more.

The thought of a trapped animal needlessly suffering for up to four days is inhumane and just plain ridiculous. The Utah Environmental Congress plans to fight the proposition and hopes the public will help.

A trapped animal can suffer from exhaustion, weather exposure ailments -- such as frostbite or heat exhaustion -- shock, dehydration and eventually death. Some even chew their limbs off to escape, leading to blood loss and possible infection.

There is no need for an animal to remain in a trap for four whole days. Your voice can make a difference.

Sign the petition to tell the Utah Wildlife Board you object to the trap-check time extension. 


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