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Tell the USDA it is NOT okay to let the GMO Industry conduct its own environmental impact studies

The USDA is allowing the GMO industry to conduct its own environmental impact studies (on Monsanto's Roundup Ready sugar beets) - proving that they are allowing the GMO industry to self-regulate. 

Allowing these studies to be conducted from within the GMO industry may not show the (true) impact of the GMO's that have overtaken our agricultural system.  The USDA is putting profit and industry ahead of the safety of our food systems, our personal health, and our environment.  The continuation of this relationship between big business and our government is putting US at risk - and we must tell them we have had enough.

Let us stand up together and tell our government that we are not going to sit back while they hand over our food security to corporations like Monsanto.  Let us stand up for safe, healthy, secure, and sustainable agriculture - and stop this criminal relationship between our government and these giant corporations. 

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