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Tell the USDA factory farming isn't 'natural'!

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Cows mutilated, fed unnatural diets, and crowded into filthy enclosures where they endure injury, stress, and disease.

Piglets separated from their mothers and crammed into dirty concrete pens where they will never see sunlight or breathe fresh air.

Chickens kept in windowless sheds and given growth-promoting hormones that cause them to grow super fast and suffer crippling leg disorders and heart failure.

These inhumane practices don't sound very natural, do they? Yet the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) allows producers to voluntarily put a "natural" label on meat and poultry products from animals raised in this manner.

The USDA makes no demands on producers to provide natural living conditions for the animals these products come from, which means "natural" products can come from animals raised on factory farms.

You can help change this - write to the USDA today!

The USDA is currently soliciting comments on how the "natural" label should be defined and applied to meat and poultry products. Please join us in sending your comments to the USDA to let them know that you think existing standards are not acceptable and that the "natural" claim should require what most people consider to be natural living conditions for farm animals - unrestricted access to fresh air, sunlight and the ability to perform natural behaviors.

The USDA is only accepting comments until November 13, 2009 so please submit your comments.

Thank you for taking action, and for your compassion and concern for animals everywhere.

Source: World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) 

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