Keep Protections For Montana Grizzly Bears

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Tell The US Government To Keep Protections For The Northwest Montana Grizzlies

We are urging the US Government to keep Montana grizzly bear protections in place. If protections are removed, this could allow for the grizzly bears to be trophy hunted. In the 1970's, Hunters and trappers decimated grizzly bear populations across the US.

Grizzlies were granted protection in 1975; since then Grizzlies have made a comeback. But ranchers, hunters, and lobbyist are threatening the future of the Grizzlies by influencing government agencies to remove grizzly bear protections, which could allow for trophy hunting and  "incidental take" of Grizzlies in a region dominated by agricultural land.

Although, grizzlies have recovered from near extinction, now is not the time to remove protections. They face more threats today than ever before with increased logging, mining, and land development; we should not add hunting to the list of threats Grizzlies have to contend with, especially when it was hunting that required the Grizzlies be protected in the first place.

In July, the federal government lifted protections of an estimated 700 Grizzlies in the Yellowstone region of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming due to increased pressure from State Officials. This transfer afforded state game agencies jurisdiction over Grizzlies, which could open the door to possible trophy hunts in the future.

We must prevent this from happening in Northwest Montana, please sign and share our petition.


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