San Diego Does NOT Have A Water Shortage - Stop Politically Motivated Cuts and Rate Rises

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Tell your local water board leaders you want them to tell the truth about water, and sue Jerry Brown to remove his politically motivated water cuts and rate increases: 

1. There is no water shortage in San Diego, today or for the foreseeable future.

2. San Diego has been a model of water conservation and innovation to create water solutions for the future.

3. By executive order, Jerry Brown has penalized our careful investments in water supply, and imposed a potentially permanent tax that could cause the citizens to pay more then $673 million per year, while producing no new water.


Jerry Brown and local water boards have been pushing a false narrative, that there is a water supply emergency in every corner of our great State.

But the truth is plain to those who have worked in this field for years: There was no water shortage in San Diego County in 2015 nor is one expected for 2016 or beyond.

The San Diego County Water Authority states on its website that: “While many parts of the state are experiencing significant water supply shortages, the Water Authority did not experience cut-backs to its imported water supply sources in 2014, and it has virtually all of the water necessary to meet projected demands in 2015 as well.”  In its long range water resources plan, the City of San Diego lays out the reasonable investments that are in process that will ensure water security for our region for decades to come.

For example, San Diego County has a new supply of water (from the Carlsbad desal plant) equal to approximately 7-10% of our normal annual needs that came on line in December 2015. If we do cut water use as mandated by the Governor our water bills will rise as much as 40% or more!  Even today, water stored in our reservoirs is rising rapidly, not declining.  As of January 2016, in San Diego we have 25 Billion gallons MORE water in our reservoirs than we had the same time last year.

Using water efficiently is always the right thing to do; so is sharing the truth about our water supply.

The Model

San Diego County is actually a model for water supply diversification and preparedness, as a result of the San Diego County Water Authority’s 25 years of planning and investment to ensure supply reliability even during periods of drought.

The San Diego County Water Authority, under the leadership of Maureen Stapleton, is the regional water agency that provides the water used in San Diego County, supporting a $206 billion economy and an enviable quality of life for over 3.2 million residents. As General Manager, Stapleton oversees an agency that is aggressively pursuing a comprehensive array of water supply and infrastructure programs designed to diversify and improve the reliability of San Diego County's water supply. She successfully negotiated the landmark 2003 Colorado River Quantification Settlement Agreement which included the Imperial Irrigation District Water Transfer and the lining of the All American and Coachella canals that together will provide up to 21.4 million acre-feet of water to San Diego County over 110 years. She is also responsible for the implementation of a $3.1 billion Capital Improvement Program, including the Emergency Storage Project, a system of new and expanded reservoirs, interconnected pipelines and pumping stations designed to make water available to the San Diego region during an emergency. In addition, the Water Authority is aggressively implementing the addition of desalinated seawater to the region’s water supply, strongly promoting water conservation through incentives, assistance programs and outreach, and supporting recycling and reuse projects by its member agencies to further diversify the region’s water supply sources.

San Diego County Water Authority further states on its website that:

San Diego County is protected by several factors, including significant investments by the Water Authority, its member agencies and their ratepayers to diversify the region’s water supplies and reduce reliance on imported water supplies from MWD. For example, water transfers that are part of the historic 2003 Colorado River Quantification Settlement Agreement will provide 180,200 acre-feet of highly reliable supplies to the San Diego region in 2015, more than double the amount they provided at the start of the last drought in 2007.

The Water Authority’s long-term strategy to enhance the region’s water supply reliability also includes purchasing desalinated seawater from the Carlsbad Desalination Project, which is expected to produce 50 million gallons a day by fall 2015.

Water saved by conserving this year will be stored in the recently expanded San Vicente Reservoir, providing valuable protection for the San Diego region if drought conditions persist into 2016 or beyond.”

What can we do?

1. Sign this petition to demand that our local officials defend San Diegans from the Governor’s cynical political stunt.  They have taken an oath to represent the Constitution, not Jerry Brown or his appointed bureaucrats.

2. The Governor has refused to reverse his order that needlessly raises our water rates and punishes our decades of responsible water management. Ask the County Water Authority to sue the Governor, without further delay. Let the court decide if the Governor’s order is legal.

Riverside Sues Over California Water Restrictions

Riverside is challenging the Governor's order.  San Diego should do the same. 

“The city of Riverside has sued a state agency over water restrictions intended to combat the drought, claiming the rules are unfair because the city has ample groundwater supplies. The Southern California city argues it has been unfairly ordered to cut water use by 24 percent even though it has groundwater supplies for four years and does not rely on any imported water, according to the lawsuit filed Thursday in Fresno County Superior Court.” 2 News, June 9, 2015

It's up to us, the Citizens.  Keep our government honest.  Defend San Diego from being needlessly taxed hundreds of millions of dollars.

Thank you for getting involved. Together, we can make a difference.

Don Billings
San Diegan
Former Local Water Board Member


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