Tell the Steel Pier Association to Stop Horse Diving on Their Grounds

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Tell the Steel Pier Association to Stop Horse Diving on Their Grounds

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Since the late 1970's the practice of training horses to jump off of a 40 foot platform into a pool of water has gone the way of many other dangerous animal acts ... they faded into an embarrassing history. Forcing animals to engage in unnatural activities and behaviours became unacceptable as more and more people took up the call of animal welfare and either stopped attending these types of events or spoke out against them.

This Summer will see 2012 usher in the return of horse diving in Atlantic City, sponsored by the Steel Pier Associates. Promoted as a "family entertainment" the organizers plan to once again train horses to leap off of a 40 foot platform into a pool of water for nothing more than the amusement of their spectators and to make profit off of animal exploitation.

It is not natural for a horse to engage in this type of activity, and even under the most controlled circumstances injury to the horses may not appear immediately, but rather accumulate over time, affecting their long term health and comfort.

Horses are not built to sustain a 40 foot drop into water, they are not naturally compelled to engage in activities like this and only through training, coercion and bribery can they be made to engage in horse diving.

The Steel Pier Associates are putting profits before animal welfare in an attempt to bring an inhumane and exploitive spectator sport back from the dead, and must immediately stop their plans to once again engage in a historically abusive and exploitive practice.

No horse in its natural environment would ever choose to make a 40 foot jump into a pool of water for the enjoyment of anyone, and any horse with a rider on its back that does so, is being forced to do so against its will.

Tell Steel Pier Associates to stop their horse diving show and commit to supporting animal rights and animal welfare by singing this petition, and contact their following sponsors and ask them if they agree with horse jumping and the exploitation of animals.

Coca Cola:


Clarion Hotels:

Heather Soule

Manager, Corporate Communications

Choice Hotels International


Caesars Atlantic City:

Gary Thompson

Caesars Corporate Media 


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This petition had 2,096 supporters