Tell the Smithsonian: Rename the Sackler Gallery. Take the blood money out of our museums.

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The Sackler Family founded Purdue Pharma, the company that manufactured OxyContin. You may not have heard of them, but you’ve definitely heard of Oxy. That’s the opioid painkiller that has decimated American families, towns, and communities. Purdue Pharma pumped Oxy into doctor’s offices and pharmacies. They lied about how addictive the drug was, recruited doctors to give more pills, and tried to cover up the devastating effects of their greed.

Purdue pled guilty in 2007 to criminal charges for knowingly misrepresenting the risks of OxyContin and lying to the medical community. They paid over $630 million in fines and three top executives were convicted of criminal charges. Yet, they continued to push OxyContin to doctors and flood the market with highly addictive, lethal pills. And the Sacklers keep pretending that they have nothing to do with it.

Purdue’s pills helped create a national health crisis that kills one person every four minutes. Now, the Sackler family, who took huge profits from OxyContin, is trying to buy our cultural institutions. Huge donations to galleries, theaters, and museums are intended to cover up the Sackler’s shame and make them look like heroes. They’re not. The Sacklers have tried to dodge responsibility and spin themselves into the role of “corporate saviors,” there can be no doubt that they profited from making us sick.

When you walk through a gallery funded by the Sackler family, you’re walking through a cemetery. The Sacklers’ fortune comes from a company that manufactured a lethal epidemic that’s killing an entire generation of Americans. Their greed impacts our families, our economy, and our future in ways that won’t be apparent for decades.

The Sacklers made billions of dollars while we buried the people we love most. They, and Purdue Pharma, owe the American people reparations. They owe an apology. Putting their name on art that belongs to all of us is shameful. They have no right to play the philanthropist when they’ve profited from killing us.

Add your name to our petition to get the Sackler name out of our galleries and into court. Art curators and foundations should take the Sackler name off our buildings—or divest from the blood money the Sacklers donated.