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Tell The Sizzler: I Won't Stay Silent While You Shove My Gay Friends Around

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Imagine being out to brunch with a few pals. So far so good, right? Until, the manager aggressively approaches your friend, yelling and accusing her of not paying for brunch.

 Screaming, the manager violently shoves your friend. He calls her a f***ing d*ke. An angry mob of patrons joins in, relentlessly attacking your friend with homophobic and hate-filled language, even threatening her with sexual assault. Finally the police arrive and your friend is taken, bruised and battered, by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

 Unthinkable, but true. It happened to Liza Friedlander at the Sizzler in Queens, and it could happen to you and your gay, lesbian, bi, or transgender friends. Lambda Legal has taken up Liza's case, and now's our chance to make a public showing that we all think this sort of treatment is unacceptable.

Help Liza and Lambda Legal by telling Kerry Kramp, Sizzler's CEO, that discrimination and assault are not okay. Sizzler must promise to provide better training on anti-discrimination policies among its franchisees, get serious about enforcement, and speak out against discrimination and violence toward customers. 

Let's send a powerful message that it's not just gay people who care about discrimination and assault -- we all do.

This sort of discrimination and hate happens everywhere, and your friends have likely found themselves unwelcome somewhere too, just because of who they are. The Sizzler, and every other restaurant in the United States, has to know that not only will Lambda Legal help Liza bring a lawsuit over behavior like this, but the rest of us will make sure the world hears about it. Treating our gay friends this way is not acceptable.

Friendfactor is a movement of friends helping friends -- add your voice so corporations know how many of us they're up against when they mistreat a gay customer.


Be a friend: help us reach 5000 signatures from friends who won't stay quiet while our friends are discriminated against and assaulted. Tell Sizzler, "when you hurt my gay friends, you hurt me." 


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