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Tell the Senate to Help Soldiers with Brain Injuries

Brain injured service members and veterans returning from Iraq need our help. But the money to help them is tied up by partisan bickering in the Senate.

The number of troops and veterans coming home with injuries is staggering. Between 150,000 and 400,000 service members have suffered at least mild brain injuries.

Congress must authorize $10 million to provide treatment for 400,000 veterans. This money must be authorized so that the frequency and severity of these brain injuries can be more accurately determined.

If the findings are verified, The DoD and VA Brain Injury Rescue and Rehabilitation project, designed to treat those affected, will be able to move forward with its work in offering better treatment to those who need it.

Letter to
U.S. Senate
I strongly support treatment for our brain injured service members and veterans returning from Iraq.  With an estimated 150,000 and 400,00 service members having suffered at least mild brain injury, and 30% of service members treated at Walter Reed having mild, moderate, or severe traumatic brain injury, this is a time for action.

Please fund the $10 million of research needed to more accurately determine the frequency and severity of these injuries. Support for these projects comes from the Army, Air Force, and Navy medical professionals. Research physicians at the VA are also eager to participate.

The time to act is now. Please end your partisan bickering and offer the support our wounded veterans need.

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