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Tell the Senate: Long Islanders Want BP to Be Held Accountable

Congressman Steve Israel is leading the fight to hold BP accountable for the worst environmental disaster in our nation's history. He championed and helped push through H.R. 3534, which would eliminate an unfair liability cap that would allow BP to escape paying for the cleanup.

The House passed the bill. But, Senate Republicans are shilling for big oil and filibustering.

Steve Israel thinks that's wrong. Sign our petition to bring this bill for a vote in the Senate. Stand with Steve Israel against Senate Republicans who are fillibustering and hold BP accountable for this unprecedented environmental disaster.

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U.S. Senate
BP must be held accountable for the FULL amount of devastation their oil spill has wreaked upon the environment and economy of the Gulf region and the United States.

Cleaning up the BP spill, the largest environmental disaster in U.S. history, will cost billions of dollars. That’s why I support Congressman Steve Israel and those who voted for legislation that would eliminate the low liability cap currently in place for BP and Big Oil.

The House of Representatives passed the bill, but the bill is stalled in the Senate because Republicans are now filibustering for Big Oil.

Please stand with Congressman Israel and call on Senate Republicans to stop filibustering and hold BP fully accountable for the havoc they have caused. Big Oil, not American taxpayers, must pay for this mess.

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