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Dear San Diego Padres,


I am again appalled that you have decided to sell children on the concept of war-through-baseball. "Dog Tags for Kids" on military opening day? [EDIT: "Dog Tags for Kids" was canceled and replaced it with "Padres Posters for Kids"] You do realize, I'm sure, that Dog Tags are used to identify the corpses of dead soldiers. Why would you giveaway these items to children? Are you expecting them to die while attending Padre games? I realize that flying baseballs are dangerous, but surely not every child in attendance will be struck with a line drive and perish. Or perhaps there is a bomb inside of the baseball which will ignite the entire downtown area. Is this what are you suggesting? I would think not. So, why do you associate the enjoyable afternoon past-time of baseball with the gruesome world of dead soldiers and camo jerseys?

OK, so you want to honor veterans - no issue there. How about starting with the homeless vets that are herded out of eyeshot from Petco Park? Shouldn't we take care of those men and women before recruiting new eight-year-olds to serve as cannon fodder?

Kap Fulton
San Diego, CA
Lifelong Padres Fan


We are asking for the San Diego Padres to end all military promotions targetting children. Specifically:

Military Opening Day, April 10, 2011, DOG TAGS FOR KIDS

US Navy Recognition Day Presented By USAA, May 22, 2011, PADRES CAPS FOR KIDS

US Army Recognition Day Presented By USAA, June 12, 2011, PADRES SWEATBANDS FOR KIDS Presented By Northgate Gonzalez Market

US Marine Corps Recognition Day Presented By USAA, June 26, 2011, PADRES BATTING GLOVES FOR KIDS Presented By Cox/Channel 4

US Coast Guard Recognition Day Presented By USAA, July 31, 2011, PADRES BACKPACKS FOR KIDS

National Guard Recognition Day Presented By USAA, August 21, 2011  PADRES MINI BATS FOR KIDS CA

US Air Force Recognition Day Presented By USAA, September 18, 2011, PADRES Hot Wheels™ FOR KIDS

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