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On the 24th of June 2015 Tung Trung came to inspect my house. I told him that he needed to get a signed deposition of the complaint which had been made against me, so I could see what the problem was. He didnot have one.

 The following day Victorian police and RSPCA's Lisa Calleja arrive at my house. I then inform them that they are trespassing and need to get a signed deposition. They didn’t have one either.

 On the 26th of June 2015 Lisa Calleja and Simon Roach from the Victorian Police arrive and steal my dog from my bedroom, where I had just put him to sleep.  They held up a fax copy of what they claimed was a Warrant, but when I asked Simon Roach if I could read it, he wouldn’t let me. I later found out that the warrant did not have a court stamp or the Magistrates name.

 My neighbour was the one who put in the complaint to the RSPCA. He has a personal vendetta against me. The first time he called the RSPCA was three years ago, because he didn’t like me having BBQs. Six months ago I stopped having BBQs to keep the peace. I have had many problems with this neighbour.

 This could have all been avoided easily if Shannon Walsh from the RSPCA had simply issued a follow up letter, letting me know if I was required to do anything.

 My companion of 13 years Chim Chim was well looked after. He had a back problem, dental issues and a few other things, mostly due to his age. I was aware of his health issues and was doing my best to take care of them all. I give him distilled water, regular massages and combination treatments. Chim Chim sleeps in my bedroom and gets plenty of love and care.

 The RSPCA did not even check to see if I had water or food for Chim Chim. They have demonstrated cruelty by taking my 13 year old dog and putting him in a cage. He will be fretting for me right now. How is this helping him? I’m not even allowed to visit him.

 A criminal gets a trial by a jury. I am not a criminal and have not harmed my dog in any way but they have decided, purely from the word of a neighbour, that Chim Chim is better off living in a cage. According to them, I have no rights and neither does Chim Chim.

 In addition they have spent so much on medical expenses for my dog, which I did not give my consent for. They just went ahead, to the cost of $3000 to $4000, and that was just on MRIs. The RSPCA have not allowed an independent vet to examine Chim Chim and give a second opinion. Chim Chim is 13 years old and is in fairly good health for his age. Obviously he’s not going to be in the same health and condition as a young dog. Right now he will be traumatized.

 In addition, they have committed a crime and are doing their best to build up information to use against me. This is how donations to the RSPCA are used. To separate owners and their much loved dogs, and legal fees to find ways to continue on with this charade.

 My dog and I have been very close for 13 years. The longest we have been apart is 2 to 3 days.  He misses me a lot when I’m not around, so right now I’m worried sick that he might die from the stress and trauma. We would go for walks together and play wrestle. He was also my therapy dog.

 I don't understand what this corporation wants as my dog has become sicker under their care. They have said that I don’t have the skills to care for him, which is total rubbish. I regularly bath and clip Chim Chim and always make sure he has food and water.  

 My parents are in their mid 83+ and have spent so much money getting legal help. We could lose our home but the RSPCA corporation does not care. Chim Chim was well looked after and happy and should never have been taken by the RSPCA.

 The RSPCA is a business enterprise just like Mcdonalds. Here is the RSPCA's ABN number: 56 749 449 191

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Phone: 03 9224 2222      61-3 9224 2274 Lisa Calleja


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