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Lisa Garner and her family could be left out in the cold this holiday season -- simply because she complained about being harassed at work.

In 2010, Lisa had worked as a security officer for 10 years at the Philadelphia Nursing Home. She loved her job protecting residents and staff -- until another security officer allegedly began to harass her repeatedly with inappropriate comments and lewd behavior. When Lisa complained to her employer, U.S. Security Associates, she realized she was taking a risk. She didn't expect it to end with losing her job this year.

Watch the video of Lisa telling her story, and then join her in speaking out against U.S. Security Associates' contract at the Philadelphia Nursing Home.

When Lisa was let go from her position, she filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission. But while she waits for an investigation, she's still unemployed, living on welfare and about to lose her home. Meanwhile, the man who harassed her still works for U.S. Security Associates supervising new female employees. And U.S. Security still has a contract with the nursing home. 

Sexual harassment is unacceptable, and the worst part is that Lisa's not alone. Since 2002, at least 23 women employed by U.S. Security Associates have filed federal suits or official complaints alleging sexual and other forms of harassment and discrimination at the company throughout the country. Women shouldn't have to choose between being abused and being unemployed.

Former employees like Lisa Garner are speaking out to put an end to sexual harassment and discrimination at U.S. Security Associates -- starting in Philadelphia, where we're petitioning the Health Commissioner to end the contract with this irresponsible company. Join us now.

Letter to
Health Commissioner, Philadelphia Department of Public Health Donald F. Schwarz
I am writing to ask that you terminate the contract between U.S. Security Associates Inc., the company that provides security services to the Philadelphia Nursing Home, and Fairmount Long Term Care.

In July of this year, a former U.S. Security Associates employee filed a complaint of sexual harassment and retaliation with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission. While employed by U.S. Security Associates at the Philadelphia Nursing Home, Lisa Garner was subject to alleged sexual harassment and unwanted advances. After reporting her harassment, she was eventually removed from her job, while her harasser is still currently employed in a supervisory position at the Nursing Home.

It is my understanding that Fairmount receives funds from the city of Philadelphia to manage the Philadelphia Nursing Home, and that the contract with U.S Security Associates, an outside security contractor, has never been reviewed or approved by the city. U.S. Security Associates has a record of sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits in multiple states, and has made it clear that they refuse to address the issue here in Pennsylvania. It is unacceptable for a city contract to be awarded to a company that could be putting Philadelphia residents at risk.

I am urging you to terminate the contract of U.S. Security Associates at the Philadelphia Nursing Home — and help Lisa get back to work.


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