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    As of late, the plight of LGBT individuals has come heavily to the surface of our society through both tragedy and triumph.  Many people, both famous and not, have begun speaking out the message of "It Gets Better". A project begun in 2010 by Dan Savage after the suicide of Billy Lucas.  Unfortunately, Mr. Lucas hasn't been the only one driven to that extreme by the state things have fallen into.

     In an unprecedented move, Major League Baseball's San Francisco Giants have recorded their own It Gets Better message, and supporters of LGBT rights from coast to coast, border to border and beyond have begun writing to their teams asking them to follow suit. On June 3rd, the Chicago Cubs & on June 4, 2011 the Boston Red Sox have both announced that they too will create this video as well.  This petition is for all fans, home or away, of MLB's New York Mets and indeed all of baseball, imploring the Amazin's to stand up for what's right, and let it ring loud and clear from Queens to all areas across our country and around the world that "It Gets Better"!


Letter to
Owners & General Manager, New York Mets Fred Wilpon, Jeff Wilpon, Saul Katz, David Einhorn & Sandy Alderson
Dear Mets Management, Please support It Gets Better!

From Your Fans

We as fans of the New York Mets and Baseball would like to respectfully ask that the Mets to record their own "It Gets Better" message in support of LGBT youth.

Recently, the World Champion San Francisco Giants, one of your New York predecessors, have come to notoriety in by becoming the first major sports team to officially support the "It Gets Better" project by recording a video of their own, On June 3rd the Chicago Cubs announced that they too would be creating one of these videos, and now on June 4th, the Boston Red Sox have followed suit and fans around the nation have begun petitioning their home teams to do the same in a show of solidarity not only as Americans whom by the very principles our country is founded upon call for equality, freedom and acceptance of all men and women regardless of race, orientation, origin, gender or otherwise, but as human beings. It is for this reason that we call upon the New York Mets to step up to the plate and record their own "It Gets Better" message.

The Mets are widely considered representative of traditional American values, and no matter if you agree or disagree, the most traditional American value of all is to defend the rights of others to be who they are without persecution. We are a nation of progress and of freedom, and each and every one of us can and should as citizens of the United States uphold those freedoms for our fellow men and women. So please, we, the undersigned, ask of you, do the right thing. Stand as one with us to stamp out hatred and prejudice for the good of all Americans and all people everywhere.

No one, no matter whom or what they are should have to be subject to prejudice, bullying, violence or hatred, especially not in a nation founded on the ideal of being a shelter for all people of all kinds from all places where injustices such as those would not be tolerated and everyone would be free to live their lives in their own individual way without fear.

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