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Petitioning President, NRA David Keene

Tell the NRA to Condemn Trayvon Martin Gun Range Targets


The Hiller Armament Company has created gun targets resembling the hoodie Trayvon Martin was wearing when he was tragically gunned down (

This disgusting act is purely motivated by greed, and is intended to make money off of a senseless crime against a young, black man.

Sign our petition and call on the NRA to publicly condemn this product and the Hiller Armament Company.

Letter to
President, NRA David Keene
When a young man is gunned down in his own neighborhood, it is tragic. When law enforcement lets a known killer roam for days, it is tragic.

And when an individual or company seeks profit off of the act of killing that unarmed teen, it's disgusting - and you and I both know it.

We are calling on you to condemn the Hiller Armament Company for making these horrible targets. Trayvon Martin was gunned down in his own neighborhood, and this sort of product generates a profit while encouraging gun owners to essentially "aim for the kid in the hoodie."

This "gun range target" is beyond irresponsible - it's reprehensible.

You must publicly condemn both the product and the Hiller Armament Company.

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