Tell the Nobel Foundation To Create A New Nobel Prize For The Fight Against Climate Change

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On October 8th, 2018, the special UN Report on Climate Change was published with alarming and devastating forecasts for humankind and our planet, but it was quickly buried by the constant cycle of breaking news. 

Coincidently, the same week the report was released, the Nobel Prizes were awarded. 

In his will, Alfred Nobel specified that the prizes were awarded for work that was « for the greatest benefit to humankind ».

We believe that there is no greater benefit to mankind than to fight humanity’s most imminent threat: climate change.

We believe that those who are dedicating their career, their research or life to fight climate change should be rewarded with the greatest award: A Nobel Prize.

The Climate Nobel would reward those who, through exemplary actions or groundbreaking discoveries, are doing the most or best to tackle this man-made climate change cycle through mitigation of emissions, removal of past emissions (now in the atmosphere) or adaptation.

The Nobel Foundation has the power to administer a new prize. They did it in the past, when in 1969, they accepted to administer what is known as the Nobel in Economics. WHO CAN SERIOUSLY ARGUE THAT CLIMATE ACTION IS OF LESSER VALUE THAN ECONOMICS ???? 

That’s why through this petition we are asking the Board of the Nobel Foundation to administer a new Nobel Prize for Actions Against Climate Change. 

Help us create a #ClimateNobel! Tell the Nobel Foundation they have to create this award or they will only be remembered as an obsolete organization

Decisive actions against climate change will be our generation's highest achievement.

Learn more on how the prize could work: website

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