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Tell the New York City Council: Stand Up for the Right to Carry Condoms!

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Nobody should be afraid to practice safe sex. But in New York, possessing condoms has been used as evidence for arrest and prosecution for intent to commit prostitution.

Condoms are regularly confiscated by police, leading to higher risk for pregnancy, HIV, and STD’s among vulnerable populations. Sex workers fear arrest if they carry over a certain number of condoms.

This practice appears particularly ridiculous when you consider that New York City promotes condom use and distributes free condoms as part of public health initiatives.

New York City has serious problems with HIV/AIDS and should be taking every possible step to encourage safe sex. Stopping the spread of disease, especially HIV/AIDS, should be our top priority, and this backwards policy puts all of us at risk.

A bill currently in the state legislature would make it illegal to use condoms as evidence of intent to commit the crime of prostitution. The bill promotes public health by making sure everyone can carry condoms without worrying it could lead to arrest or conviction. Almost 5,000 people have already told New York State legislators to protect the right to carry condoms.

Now, City Council Member Jessica Lappin has introduced a resolution that would call on New York State to pass the No Condoms as Evidence bill.

Sign this petition to tell the New York City Council to pass Lappin's resolution and pressure the state legislature to take action on this vital-saving legislation.

Then, take further action by signing the petition directly to the New York State legislature calling for the passage of this bill.

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