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UPDATE: The NCAA has confirmed that they've removed the Focus on the Family ads after receiving complaints. For an updated post on this, please click here.

Does the National Collegiate Athletic Association believe that gay people are perverted, that same-sex marriage threatens the health of civilization, and that gay and lesbian parents shouldn't be allowed to raise children? They seem to be saying yes, given that they're accepting advertisements from Focus on the Family, the right-wing religious organization that has said all of these things, and regularly works to take away rights from gays and lesbians.

Focus on the Family likes to talk about building a stronger family structure, or celebrating life. But their work for the past several decades has demonized gays and lesbians -- calling them evil, unnatural, and sick -- and has consisted of fighting hard to scale back a woman's right to choose, the right to marry for gay and lesbian people, and even the right to adopt children for parents who might be gay or lesbian. Is this the type of organization that the NCAA wants to be promoting on their Web site?

Tell the NCAA to stop promoting an organization that for decades has caused real hurt and pain in the LGBT population, and an organization that still prides itself on working to take away the civil rights of gay and lesbian Americans.

Letter to
NCAA Public Relations
Associate Director of Public and Media Relations Stacey Osburn
On the NCAA Web site, there are currently advertisements being run from an organization known as Focus on the Family. That organization has spent millions in recent years fighting equal rights for gay and lesbians Americans. They've called same-sex marriage a threat to civilization. They've worked to prevent gay and lesbian parents from adopting kids. And they've worked hard in states like Maine and California to take away the right to marry for committed gay and lesbian couples.

Is this the type of organization that the NCAA wants to accept advertising revenue from?

I would urge you to reconsider accepting advertising from Focus on the Family. Even the advertisement that's currently running on your Web site -- with the tagline, "Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life," -- is misleading. When it comes to celebrating the families of gay and lesbian children, or celebrating the families that are headed by same-sex parents, Focus on the Family isn't interested in rejoicing. They're only interested in condemning.

Please reconsider this decision to accept advertising from Focus on the Family on your Web sites. The message Focus on the Family is selling is harmful to gays and lesbians. Until they can be inclusive of all types of families, the NCAA shouldn't stand with them.

Thanks for your time.