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Tell the Navajo Nation Leaders: Legalize Gay Marriage

The Navajo Nation government does not recognize gay marriage and it is illegal to have a same-sex marriage!

I grew up with my family and extended families and it seemed like everyone was related and loving toward their families and friends. We should be a united tribe that should allow equal marriage rights, including gay marriage.

The Navajo Nation should know that they shouldn't discriminate against their own LGBT tribal members. As a tribe we should have learned that we shouldn't discriminate or alienated after our own past struggles with: Being Rounded Up, Forced on The Long Walk, and Forced to live and survive at Fort Sumner. Along with that, we experienced a genocide of our people and our culture. You would think that we should learn that violence and alienation is not the best course of action. We must learn for the past and use that knowledge to insure that our current culture and traditions will not die but be used for a brighter future.

The LGBT (Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered) of our tribe should be allowed to marry. And putting up a ban shows how much our leaders have learned about the past. They should know better. We, the LGBT community, are part of this tribe too. Please! Don't discriminate against us anymore. We need true equal rights on the reservation. Please allow us to marry who we love, and sexual orientation isn't a choice. Love shouldn't be voted on.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Navajo Nation President
    Ben Shelly
  • Navajo Nation Vice President
    Rex Lee Jim
  • Speaker of the Navajo Nation Council
    Johnny Naize

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