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Tell the Missouri Republic School District to instate sexual assault prevention programs

The Republic School District of southwestern Missouri expelled a 7th-grade special education student because they didn't believe her when she told adults at her school that a classmate raped her. School officials forced her to apologize to him, then kicked her out of school for lying. She was allowed back to school the following year, and the same boy raped her again in the school library, according to a lawsuit filed on her behalf.

School officials didn't believe her that time, either. Her mom took her to The Child Advocacy Center, and a physical examination showed that a sexual assault had occurred. The lawsuit says DNA from that test proves that the boy she claimed was her rapist was indeed her rapist.

The school district then suspended the girl again. And the district's response to the lawsuit says the officials named are not responsible for damages, because "the girl failed and neglected to use reasonable means to protect herself."

(News Coverage: Boingboing, Springfield News-Leader, CBS News, Mother Jones)

Tell Republic School District of southwestern Missouri that this is no way to treat rape victims, and insist that they publicly issue an apology to her and her family immediately. Furthermore, tell them to instate a policy outlining appropriate treatment of sexual assault survivors, which does not put the onus on the victim to ensure smooth interactions at the school, and to instate prevention programs.

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  • Superintendent, Republic School District
    Vern Minor
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    Patricia Mithelavage
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    Joni Ragain
  • School Resource Officer
    Robert Duncan

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