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Tell the Litchfield Elementary School District to Remove Sexual Preference and Add Actual and Perceived Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

The Litchfield Elementary School District recently adopted a new policy defining harassment as: "Harassment is intentional behavior by a student or group of
students that is disturbing or threatening to another student or group of
students. Intentional behaviors that characterize harassment include, but
are not limited to, stalking, hazing, social exclusion, name calling, unwanted
physical contact and unwelcome verbal or written comments, photographs
and graphics. Harassment may be related, but not limited to, race, religious
orientation, sexual preference, cultural background, economic status, size or
personal appearance. Harassing behaviors can be direct or indirect and by
use of social media”.

The Superintendent stated in an email that she BELIEVES the the new policy she adopted at the governing board meeting on October 4th INDICATES sexual orientation. -

Ann Donahue the Community Liaison gave a false statement in an interview with 12 News saying that they added sexual orientation. -

Policy adopted here :

"Sexual preference" suggests a degree of voluntary choice. Sexual orientation is not chosen. Why would students choose to be bullied? Tell the Litchfield Elementary School District to remove sexual preference and add actual and perceived sexual orientation and gender identity into their definition of harassment.

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    Sally White
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    Julianne Lein
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    Shawn Watt
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    Dr. Kay H. Hunnicutt
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    Stephanie Mika
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