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Petitioning Executive Director, Lannan Foundation Patrick Lannan

Tell the Lannan Foundation: Lift Your Ban on John Pilger's Film, "The War You Don't See"

The Lannan Foundation, a liberal giant of discussions around politics and the arts located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, recently banned, inexplicably and at the last minute, John Pilger's widely acclaimed film on war and media, "The War You Don't See." Whilst the U.S. wars of choice in the Middle East rage on and innocent civilians die; the messengers of truth, such as Bradley Manning and Julian Assange, are figuratively shot; and the perpetrators of the supreme international crime of a war of aggression in Iraq walk scot-free, the Lannan Foundation is doing its part to bury the truth. The further the truth is buried, the more difficult it is to resurrect. Keep the truth alive and tell Lannan to show John Pilger's film!

John Pilger's work over the years has raised people's consciousness the world over. He skewers the powerful with the disinfectant of their very own heinous and hypocritical actions and words. When Iraq war supporters claimed that the "Coalition of the Willing" was bringing democracy to the Iraqis, Pilger's "Stealing a Nation" showed us otherwise--how the dark sides of U.S. imperialism use the Big Lie of democracy to heap abject poverty and misery on the unsuspecting "unpeople" of the third world, for example the Chagos islanders of Diego Garcia featured in Stealing a Nation, who, to this very day, have not received their just due, or reparations, that would include the dismantling of the U.S. military base and the return of the island to its rightful owners. 

Pilger's film "The War You Don't See" has struck a nerve. The horror of war, the grisly death and violence and destruction witnessed in this film is too much for Patrick Lannan's sanitized American bubble. Pierce this bubble and make Patrick live up to his father's creed of supporting "controversial" works. Ask the Lannan Foundation ( to show the film, and call on all other artists who are scheduled to make an appearance at the Lannan in the near future, including Tariq Ali (, Norman Finkelstein (, and Richard Wolff, to cancel their lectures or discussions and boycott the Lannan Foundation until it restores its pledge to host John Pilger and David Barsamian.


Letter to
Executive Director, Lannan Foundation Patrick Lannan
Please reconsider your decision to cancel the event for Messrs. Pilger and Barsamian. Live up to your father's creed in support of the social importance of "controversial forms of visual and literary art." Democracy withers on the vine without them.

As I'm sure you know, having hosted Professor Cornell West before, Yeats once said, "It takes more courage to examine the dark corners of your own soul than it does for a soldier to fight on the battlefield."

Join the struggle, Mr. Lannan, and explore those dark corners of the American soul. The battle over the truth of these wars is being waged right now, and the claim that America was "victorious" in Iraq is being published in U.S. History textbooks for American children as we speak. If the American people cannot hold accountable the perpetrators of the supreme international crime of a war of aggression and create a disincentive to ward off future leaders from ever doing it again, should we not, at the very least, do justice to our founding principles and create space for the freedom of the exchange of ideas? Why cancel Mr. Pilger's presentation? Of what could you be afraid?

Make America better than she ever was before. Our collective future in the world hinges on these individual decisions. Support Mr. Pilger and help him to share his film and let us see the war we didn't see.

Best regards,

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