Tell the Government to ban weedkiller that causes cancer

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Groundskeeper Dewayne Johnson, a 46 year old husband and father of three, is dying. Cancer has spread throughout most of his body, and he has just months to live. Last week a U.S. court ruled that his cancer was caused by glyphosate - a chemical widely used as a weedkiller in farming here in the UK. Glyphosate is in our soil, our water and our food. Now we know how dangerous it is I’m urgently calling for it to be banned.

The court in California found that glyphosate had contributed “substantially” to DeWayne’s terminal cancer. So what is it doing to us? Tests by our own government found that 60% of bread in the UK contains glyphosate, it’s been found in children’s cereals in the USA, and in Germany 99.6% of people tested had glyphosate in their urine. Across Europe glyphosate is found in 45% of topsoil.

How can we accept the chemical that caused DeWayne’s cancer seeping into our food and our bodies?

Monsanto, the chemical giant behind the weedkiller, was found to have hidden from the public their knowledge that glyphosate was likely to cause cancer. Now their secret is out we must urgently ban the chemical before it does any more harm.

This must be the final nail in the coffin for glyphosate. Two years ago The World Health Organisation warned that it probably causes cancer in humans. France, Germany and Italy have already banned or restricted its use. In the UK, towns and villages across the country have ditched glyphosate, Waitrose has stopped selling it and Homebase and B&Q are considering pulling it from their shelves.

We urgently need to get this carcinogenic weedkiller out of our soil, out of our food and out of our bodies.

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