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Tell the Federal Trade Commission to Protect Consumers from Pyramid Schemes!

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Resorts360 Vacation Club, LLC, a Washington-based company is operating an illegal pyramid scheme in the guise of a discount vacation club. Members joining the club are promised travel discounts and, more importantly, an opportunity to earn a substantial income. So far, even after complaints have been filed, the government has taken no action to put an end to this illegal operation. 

The company’s sales pitch goes like this: Start a home-based business. Earn $10,000 a month. Achieve financial freedom. Put the finest resorts at your fingertips. You can have all of this by purchasing one of its membership plans ranging in price from $795 to $9995.

What Resorts360 doesn’t tell participants is that the company’s compensation program is based exclusively on recruiting new members and not on the retail sale of any product or service, which by definition makes it a pyramid scheme. The amount of travel discounts actually used by the new recruits, or anyone else for that matter, has no impact on a member’s compensation.

Furthermore, in order to keep the scheme going, an endless pool of new recruits is needed and the vast majority of participants lose money because there is no one below them in the pyramid.

In today’s economy, when many people are struggling to make ends meet, the promises made by Resorts360 are all too enticing, especially for the unemployed and underemployed. But those who join are destined to lose money while simultaneously taking part in an illegal and deceptive pyramid scheme. (TINA), a non-profit consumer advocacy organization exposed this illegal scheme and filed complaints with both federal and state regulators in May 2013. Unfortunately, to date, no government action has been taken to end Resorts360’s deceptive marketing campaign.

Add your name and help TINA put an end to Resorts360’s deceptive pyramid scheme by urging the FTC and the Washington Attorney General to take immediate action by signing the letter below.

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