Tell the FDA and EU: Set Arsenic Limits for Rice. Protect Our Kids!

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Tell the FDA and EU: Set Arsenic Limits for Rice. Protect Our Kids!

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Anna Hackman started this petition to USA Rice Federation (on behalf of the Rice Industry) Betsy Ward, CEO and

Do you eat  rice or products that contain rice by-products thinking they are healthy for you?  Love cereal bars or energy products that the primary ingredients are organic brown rice syrup (OBRS?)  Do you give your child toddler formula that contains OBRS? I'll give you a moment to go check.

  Did you realize that you or someone in your family might be eating man-made arsenic?

I had no clue and served most of the above items to my family thinking they were healthy. I am Anna Hackman, editor of Green Talk, and a mom of four boys. I am outraged. I hope you are too.

As I learned recently, I was harming my family.   They were eating arsenic every time they ate rice or a product containing a rice by-product.

How did I find out? Here's the facts:

A recent 2012 Dartmouth study revealed disturbing levels of cancer causing arsenic in products in certain organic toddler formulas, cereal bars, and energy products.  Organic brown rice syrup was the primary ingredient in all of these products.

 The study found arsenic concentrations in the toddler formulas which was 6 times the level of the EPA safe water limits. (See my article about the study.)   And guess what?  My family eats organic brown rice syrup and energy bars that contain this ingredient. 

Being a veteran blogger, I knew something wasn’t right in the hen house.  During my investigation, I found that a noted 2007 study revealed that people who consume more than the average amount of rice were being exposed to arsenic. People at risk according to the study are:

·       Young Children

·       People with Gluten sensitivities

·       People who normally consumed rice as part of their daily diets.

Since that 2007 study, nothing has changed!

Experts have stated changing the way farmers grow the rice could reduce the arsenic uptake dramatically without a reduction in yield.  (See my second article on how to eat rice safely.)

Update 9/19/2012:  ABC just reported a Consumer Report study confirming the arsenic and rice issues.   See

 But NOW it has to change.  We all are at risk.  Worse yet, young children who are still developing are at risk.  No one knows the impact increased arsenic levels will have on growing young children’s development.

No one asked me if I wanted a serving of arsenic with my rice.  Did they ask you?

Please support this petition to ask the FDA and the EU to institute strict guidelines regarding arsenic in rice. These guidelines will force the Rice Industry to change its way of farming to reduce arsenic exposure.  In the meantime, read here how to take proactive steps protect your family.  See my article here

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Demand the FDA and EU limit arsenic in our rice and rice by products..  Please sign, like, and share the petition with family and friends. See  Protect our kids.

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This petition had 9,751 supporters

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