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Petitioning Executive Director - YMCA Beverly, Massachusetts Judith Cronin and 4 others

Tell the Executive Director at the Beverly, Massachussetts YMCA to STOP Discriminating Against Transgender People

On Tuesday April 24th Morgan Murphy was called to the office of the executive director, Judith Cronin who told her that she was banned from taking her daughter to the kids locker room for her swimming lessons! Though she is legally listed as FEMALE on her Massachusetts state issued license, Morgan was told that "your gender ambiguity has raised concerns with other parents" AND even more offensive, that "you may be looking at the kids with MALE eyes and not the safe space of FEMALE eyes" and that she was "confusing for 10-13 year olds"!

The year is 2012, when people have the right NOT to be discriminated against or have their civil rights violated. "Civil rights include the protection from discrimination on grounds such as physical or mental disability, gender, religion, race, national origin, age, status as a member of the uniformed services, sexual orientation, or GENDER IDENTITY;" By telling Morgan she could no longer use the locker room because of her "gender ambiguity" the YMCA has, in fact, violated her civil rights.

It is imperative that the Beverly, Massachusetts YMCA issues a public apology to Ms. Murphy on behalf of that organization and Ms. Cronin personally. The organization would also benefit from training and education regarding the GLBTQQI community. The YMCA has oftentimes proven through the years to be the center of communities, and in 2012 no person should be excluded from membership for the invalid and salacious manner in which the YMCA has approached Ms. Murphy. The organization could certainly exclude felons, child  molesters, drug dealers and the like, but someone whose gender you don’t understand should not be lumped in with these types of people.

The YMCA website claims: "The Y brings people together. We connect people of all ages and backgrounds to bridge the gaps in community needs." - the policies of the Beverly Y contradict this statement.

Remember that misconception and miseducation breed ignorance and hatred and by not engaging Ms. Murphy in discussion regarding her gender identity and trying to learn from her, the YMCA is perpetuating this hatred. Let's work on making this community center a place of love and the community it is intended to be!

Letter to
Executive Director - YMCA Beverly, Massachusetts Judith Cronin
Chief Executive Officer Jack Meany
Chief Operations Officer Chris Lovasco
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Chief Development Officer Beth Francis
Staff Development Director Darlene Moulton
I just signed the following petition addressed to: YMCA - Beverly, Massachusetts.

Stop discriminating against transgender people.

Ms. Cronin,

It has been brought to my attention that you recently turned away Morgan Murphy from being able to assist her two female children while changing in preparation for and after using your facilities, because she "made other people uncomfortable" and questioned her safety around female children. Morgan is legally listed as female, and any declaration upon your part, regardless of how "uncomfortable" you or other members of your facilities may "feel", she legally has the right, as a female, to enter and use the facilities listed as for use by her gender. To do otherwise is very clearly discriminatory and very demeaning. It falls on your shoulders to rectify this situation. I demand that not only do you allow Morgan, a FEMALE, to use the facilities listed as being for FEMALES with her daughters, but also that you apologize IN WRITING to her and her family for the discriminatory practices and terribly insulting insinuations you made about her moral and sexual proclivities in relation to how she may "look at" little girls. It is absolutely inappropriate that you should have done so or that you should have chosen to act upon the small-minded and prejudicial statements of those around you. In addition, you should take the time to make a "family restroom" for parents to be able to take their children in order to change clothes, both so that fathers can help their daughters change, mothers can help their sons change, and so that anyone like Morgan can help her daughters until closed-minded and discriminatory organizations such as your own can stop making bigoted policies that prevent her from being able to assist her young daughters in their use of your facilities.


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