Tell the DOJ: arrest trump now! #Trump4Supermax

Tell the DOJ: arrest trump now! #Trump4Supermax

3,360 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
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Started by joss Cadman

My name is Joss. I used to never really care about politics until trump was elected. even then, I didn't listen to him that much because I was too young to understand. however, once he started to severely mishandle COVID-19, I realized just how much of an excuse of a president he was. 

Donald J Trump has committed countless crimes during his presidency and has never been convicted for them, only impeached. he has taken us to the brink of nuclear war and has spread lies as if it was as natural as breathing. he has retweeted and supported Qanon supporters who worshipped him like a god. he has been accused of rape and sexual misconduct more than any president, nearly 26 times. he has launched airstrikes in Syria without congressional approval.  he faked a national emergency just to fund his border wall. and worst of all, he helped incite an insurrection against the capital of the US.

it is not just the things he has done, but the way he treats other people. there was one time where he mocked a reporter with a chronic condition. he was in an insult battle with Kim jong-un once. there is even a list of nearly all the insults he has ever said: what's even more insane is that this list is limited to just his Twitter account!


even though he is no longer president, he still remains a threat. he continues to support Qanon and Cult45 members, and his influence is still a danger to all of us. we need to help stop him. so sign my petition to arrest trump and take him to supermax, the place he belongs. we can not risk allowing him to run for president again, or inspiring his extremist fanbase to do more harm.


One signature will not be enough. I need as much help as possible to make this insanely hard and difficult task succeed. one of the ways you can do this is by:


  • following my @frolicforever Twitter account
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  • telling your local media to talk about this petition, or write an article about it.


we can do this. it will take a lot of time,  we will get a lot of backlash, and it will be very, VERY hard, but if we stand together as one, we will be able to take trump to prison and hold the GOP accountable.



3,360 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!