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Petitioning U.S. House of Representatives

Tell the Democrats NOT to negotiate with the GOP on the Debt Ceiling

It is universally accepted by everyone including the GOP that not raising the debt ceiling would cause a financial disaster of historic proportions.  They continue to hold America hostage and threaten to allow this disaster to happen if we dont give them legislative concessions.   We the petitioners ask the Democrats to stop negotiating with the GOP and not allow them to threaten Americans with economic armageden if they dont get what they want.

The members of the Tea Party and the GOP live in America just like everyone else, and if they dont vote to raise the debt ceiling and cause an economic disaster, they would be affected just as much as everyone else, yet they act as if they are doing us a favor and they are not in the same boat as everyone else.

We do not believe that the GOP is willing to destroy the American economy, hurt themselves and their families, and face the anger of Americans for doing it if Democrats do not cave in and give them legislative concessions.

Additionally, we do not negotiate with people who threaten us, and we ask you not to either.  The GOP has said they wont vote for the debt ceiling and will risk economic armageden if they dont get what they want...we say it has to stop HERE!

We the petitioners beleive the following:

1.  The GOP is not crazy enough to destroy the economy if they do not get their concessions because they are in the same boat.  We do not believe they will not vote to raise the ceiling and we call their bluff.

2.  The GOP believes they can make Democrats cave simply by threatening to destroy the economy and are counting on us to give in because we are afraid they might be that crazy...we say NO

3.  The GOP is trying to get huge concessions by threatening us with economic disaster,  WE DONT NEGOTIATE WITH PEOPLE WHO THREATEN US.

4.  The GOP believes that by making Democrats think they are reckless enough to destroy the economy that we will give them whatever they ask for.   We should not reward this behavior, and we do not believe they are willing to risk destroying America.

So we the petitioners ask the Democrats to do the following:

Do not negotiate with the GOP on the debt ceiling vote at all, send the bill through clean and let them know you will not vote for any bill that has attachments.

Tell the GOP you will not negotiate on the debt ceiling bill at all.  If they wont vote for it if they dont get what they want then force them to make that vote and explain why they voted to destroy the American economy to the voters.  

It is time Democrats take a stand.  We should not have to bribe the GOP to do what is right.  We will no longer trade away things we believe in to get the GOP to do their job. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
I am tired of watching the GOP and the Tea Party act like they speak for all Americans and continually use threats and fear as a way of getting what they want.

Recently the GOP has threatened to not pass the bill rising the debt ceiling. An act that would be disastrous for the American economy. Yet they act as if they hold all the cards and they are doing us a favor by voting for it. They act as if any economic collapse that would occur as a result of this reckless action would not affect them.

I do not believe that the GOP is crazy enough to cause a global financial collapse if the Democrats do not cave to their demands. This is insanity. The GOP knows as well as everyone else what would happen if the debt ceiling is not raised. They think the Democrats will do whatever they want if they simply threaten to destroy the economy. They are counting on you believing that if you don't do what they ask that they are crazy enough to do it. I say enough is enough.

If they don't raise the debt ceiling they would be affected as much as everyone else, more so because the American people would hold them accountable.

I am asking you to not negotiate with them on this issue. Put the bill through clean and don't vote for any attachments, and tell them if they are reckless enough to destroy the world economy if we don't pay them off that they can get up and vote for that and suffer the consequences with everyone else, and then explain what they did to the American people.

I am tired of the GOP thinking they can get whatever they want simply by threatening to do something reckless. You have to stop awarding that type of behavior and call their bluff. Enough is Enough. Tell the GOP to go fly a kite and if they are willing to risk the consequences then make the vote.