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Tell the Cell Companies, that ALL workers have the right to, adequate safety protocols, near cell antennas.

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Big Cell knows, that cell antennas present a serious danger to workers that are within 10 feet of the antenna. With this knowledge, they provide RF meters and training for their employees.


Third Party workers are for the most part not trained and are routinely overly exposed to RF Radiation. With proper training and tools - all workers can be kept safe. It's time for Cell Companies to stop ignoring our workers and keep them safe.

Let’s work together to make Big Cell Companies do their part.

Cell Phone Companies know that other workers are performing tasks near their antennas every day – window washers, plumbers, phone and cable personnel, roofers, electricians, sign hangers, painters, utility workers, heating and air conditioning engineers, even firefighters and other first responders. Lots of other people work near these antennas daily AND NONE OF THEM ARE BEING WARNED OF THE DANGERS OR GIVEN ADEQuATE SAFETY TRAINING.

Commercial antennas use Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation waves to send and receive data. RF Radiation waves can heat biological tissue rapidly (this is how microwave ovens cook food), and the human body can’t get rid of this heat fast enough to prevent damage. The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), a standards setting body in the United States, reports that in addition to tissue overheating, RF Radiation can also cause cognitive/brain damage without the victim knowing that it’s even happening.

Cell antennas used to be easily recognized, but  Modern antenna sites are located in places like church steeples; hotel, office, commercial, and industrial buildings; apartments; hospitals; schools; and flagpole and light towers. And cell antennas are often disguised, which makes it difficult for workers to recognize them. For workers not trained in RF safety, nor given appropriate information on antenna locations, their every day job becomes a game of Russian-roulette.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have regulations limiting exposure to RF radiation. Compliance with these regulations can only occur if workers know where cellular antennas are located, and are specifically trained in safe work practices designed to protect them while in the vicinity of these devices. Labor unions, many state public utility commissions, and state and local governments are all in favor of some kind of safety program to make sure that all workers who have to be near cell antennas know how, and when to protect themselves.

Please sign this petition urging the Big Cell Companies to take responsibility for everyone’s safety near their antennas.

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