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Tell the Cazin Municipality, Bosnia & Herzegovina to stop illegal killings of strays

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Letter to the mayor  of Cazin, Mr. Nermin Ogresevic 

Negligence, ignoring the killing and torturing animals is a serious legal offense! The choice of denying the primary needs of animals comes under the most serious form of Law abuse just as killing and torturing animals. Severity of the problem is added by the fact that their previous neglect of the municipal services Cazin where they did not provide adequate shelter by law in accordance with clearly stated terms that was one of the commitments. We understand why it is necessary to open a shelter for homeless animals. With this letter we wish to emphasize the negative consequences of past bad practices whose murderous further application will definitely not go unnoticed. According to the Law on Animal Protection and Welfare of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a municipality of Cazin is responsible to solve the problem of population growth of abandoned street dogs, but only in a humane manner. Shelter building as a part of this strategy humane approach, but certainly not the first step is made in the process of solving this problem. The only proven method by which this problem can be solved by the method of "catch-sterilize-release." We want to draw attention to the fact that the killing can not and is not a way of solving this problem. You as the first  representative of the municipality and humane citizens of Cazin should nott support the killing of stray dogs. Leaving the corpses of killed animals in nature is just another confirmation that the perpetrators of these crimes are not people you can count on in the future.

You are responsible to provide appropriate care / treatment and protection for strays in the Municipality of Cazin. You must know that killing animals by fire arms in a populated area is strictly prohibited and that euthanasia (death out of compassion) is only applicable in cases of terminally ill dogs and not a model for solving the problem of redundant abandoned dogs. We want to stress the very importance of taking correct decisions at the moment and this is why we have the will to work together with you to think about everything, and to advise you what steps to take in order to properly resolve this difficult situation. We hope that you will accept our offer and that we together will look at what options you have. The fact is that the inhumane treatment of animals only reduces the feeling of satisfaction among the population of Cazin no humane approach to the process of solving the problem will result in a large two-sided victory for all who are involved in this process.


Animal welfare society "NOA", Bosnia & Herzegovina supporting the protest letter

 Law on Animal Welfare that prohibits killing of healthy, abandoned animals, Illegal killings of strays are still shamefull practice in many municipalities so in Cazin Municipality. We need to finally stop it and implement no-kill strategy supported by spay/neuter programmes. Your signature will help put pressure on the responsible persons.

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