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Petitioning California Governor

Tell the California Legislature: Ban Toxic Chemicals from Baby Bottles

UPDATE: The California State Senate just passed this bill 21-12 -- and now it's headed to Governor Brown's desk for his signature. Sign the letter below to Governor Brown and ask him to sign the bill, eliminating this toxic chemical from baby bottles and sippy cups!


It’s a debate that has gone on in the California legislature for far too long: Whether to ban a toxic chemical from baby bottles and sippy cups.

More than 220 peer-reviewed studies have demonstrated the link between the chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) and cancer, obesity, ADHD, and a host of other health problems. Yet in California, BPA is still legally used in the manufacturing of baby bottles and sippy cups, exposing millions of children to this toxic substance.

Send this letter to your state legislators to show your support for the Toxin-Free Infants & Toddlers Act (AB 1319), the bill that would ban the toxic chemical and BPA in children’s feeding containers.

Letter to
California Governor
I am calling on you to ban the toxic chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) in children’s feeding containers by signing AB 1319, the Toxin-Free Infants & Toddlers Act.

BPA is linked to cancer, obesity, ADHD, and disrupted development of hormones, the brain, and the immune system in more than 220 peer-reviewed studies. It’s outrageous that California allows BPA in these products despite the fact that safer alternatives are widely available.

Please stand up for infants and children—not the chemical industry—and ban BPA from baby bottles and sippy cups.