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Tell the Apple iTunes Store to Remove Anti-Immigrant iPhone Application

Want to keep in touch with bigots? There's an app for that

NumbersUSA -- a white nationalist hate organization with a special hatred for immigrants -- has just launched a brand new iPhone application.

Apple -- a company that usually exercises due diligence in screening its applications -- has allowed NumbersUSA a market to spread its hatred and lies. This is the same company that rejected a single-payer healthcare iPhone application last year because it was "politically charged."

Maybe I missed a memo and Apple thinks it is alright to host and advance the agenda of a politically charged right-wing extremist organization. users should stand up and say that "Applications that support anti-immigrant ferver have no place in the iTunes Store." It's not just offensive -- it is bad business practice.

After signing this petition, iPhone and iPad users should report this app online or call Apple's public relations line at (408) 974-2042. Let Apple know that providing a platform for bigotry is never okay.

Letter to
CEO, Apple Steve Jobs
I'm appalled that Apple has approved an application from NumbersUSA, a white nationalist anti-immigrant organization.

(See Want to keep in touch with bigots? There’s an app for that

NumbersUSA is part of a network of restrictionist organizations conceived and created by John Tanton, the "puppeteer" of the nativist movement and a man with deep racist roots that the organization holds to this day. A cursory look at the "news" on the application reveals the messaging ploy of the hate organization. Children of Latinos are not babies but dependents and anchor babies; undocumented immigrant youth are criminal aliens; single Latino mothers are recast as "welfare queens"

Last year, Apple rejected a single-payer healthcare iPhone application because it was "politically charged." Hence, it is quite alarming, that Apple has chosen to allow NumbersUSA a market to disseminate news and collect signatures for an organization, which espouses hateful and divisive language, the very kind of language I hope the iTunes Store will not want to help disseminate

I am writing to ask that you immediately remove the application from the store. Apple's reputation is too important to be associated with this hate filled organization. It's not just offensive to immigrants and the history of this country -- it is bad business practice.

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