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Tell Taco Bell: End Transphobic Advertisements

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Taco Bell has run a series of anti-transgender advertisements in recent weeks, suggesting that transgender people are something to be disgusted about. The script for their ads? It follows a storyline like this:

Some male tells a female (presumably his wife or girlfriend) that it's a surprise that there is nacho cheese in a layer of the Taco Bell burrito. The woman responds with "Well, I have a surprise for you. I was born male, my name was Claudio" and her voice is lowered several octaves. After which, the male says "Ew."

Not funny. This advertisement reinforces damaging stereotypes that put forward a message that transgender people are "gross," or abnormal. To make matters worse? Taco Bell had already apologized for running the ad, and pledged to pull it from the airwaves. That was two weeks ago, yet over this past weekend a version of the advertisement ran again, in at least one state (and maybe more).

It's time to tell Taco Bell to pull these ads from the air waves (again), to apologize to the LGBT population for reinforcing dangerous stereotypes (again), and to institute some corporate policies to make sure anti-trans advertisements like this never make their way out of Taco Bell's marketing department again.

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