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Tell Starbucks to stand against cruelty to animals and offer a humane alternative


Attached is a picture of Bob, a calf I sponsor that is currently residing at The Gentle Barn in California.  Bob is one of the calves rescued from the E-6 Cattle Company in Castro County, Texas, where horrific cruelty was taking place.  Unwanted calves were starved, beaten in the head with hammers, shot with defective guns that did not kill them but left them suffering, and inexcusable abuse by workers.  Please visit the Mercy for Animals website to see the entire story.  The video is hard to watch but necessary to bring to light the crimes that are taking place at many dairy farms across this country.  Aside from torturing and killing unwanted calves, the milking cows are subjected to a lifetime of suffering including, but not limited, to lifetime confinement in close indoor quarters, discomfort and injuries caused by inappropriate flooring and housing, lack of daylight and fresh air, social stress and injuries caused by overcrowding, and restriction of natural maternal behaviour (calves taken from their mothers at birth causing great stress to the mother and the calf).

STARBUCKS has chosen not to purchase its dairy products from a source that carries the "Certified Humane Raised and Handled" label, or another certified humane label.  Further, Starbucks has refused to carry Almond Milk at its stores, which is a healthy and humane alternative to dairy and soy milk.  Studies show that soy milk actually has very serious negative medical side effects and doctors are recommending against ingestion of soy milk.  Please sign this petition asking Starbucks to offer Almond Milk as a healthy and humane alternative and then begin the process of moving its dairy purchases to a source that carries the "Certified Humane Raised and Handled" label.  Starbucks needs to know that its customers want to be able to enjoy a latte without being responsible for harm to these precious cows and calves.  We pay enough for a latte that we should demand certified humane dairy products or, at the very least, a humane and healthy alternative, Almond Milk.  Starbucks has a social and corporate responsibility to do so.

We're not seeking equality between humans and animals ... just an understanding that animals feel pain equally.


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