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Original GHOULIES creators – Director/Co-Writer Luca Bercovici and Producer/Co-Writer Jefery levy - are currently rallying rights holder SONY PICTURES to let them reboot the franchise with a brand-new movie. Bercovici and Levy are urging fans to climb the porcelain throne and support the #ghouliesreboot campaign in order to show Sony that audiences want a new entry to the series which originally ran from 1985 to 1994.  

Ghoulies have laid dormant in the depths of the U-Bend for 26 years and Levy and Bercovici have many great concepts for a reboot as Bercovici explains,

“Why A “GHOULIES” Reboot? Why Now? An entire generation of kids grew up with “Ghoulies”, and were by turns frightened, horrified, disgusted, and laughing out loud hysterically. “Ghoulies” reach was – and is – legendary. Kids afraid to use the toilet for fear of the slimy green creature that may lurk below. “They Get You in the End”. That tagline has resonated through the decades; legions of people of a certain age will recognize it immediately, mostly likely with a smile, for “Ghoulies” is forever imbedded in that generation’s childhood, remembered almost fondly; that first time when they saw in the theater, or on the shelves at Blockbuster. “Mom, can we get “Ghoulies?”, was the bête noir of every mother in the 80’s”

Bercovici goes on, explaining why the diminutive demons were so well loved, and why audiences today will welcome them back with open arms,

“The Ghoulies themselves were fun, accessible, largely without guile, unabashedly they were what they were; primal little creatures, not inherently evil, but absorbed the characteristics of their “master”. The Ghoulies were like children; disgusting, green, and slimy, but weirdly cute, children with their own warped sense of humor. Part of the fun of the movie was waiting to see what kind of ridiculously grotesque shenanigans they would get into next. “Ghoulies” transcended its original generation and was embrace by the following generation who loved the weirdly strange and goofy world of the Ghoulies. The cult of “Ghoulies” has grown legion of the decades; this legion of old fans and a whole generation of new fans crave for a new “Ghoulies” for the new millennium”

With numerous feature packed DVD’s, tee shirts, statues, an upcoming retrospective book, and much more coming our way from the franchise isn’t it time we finally got a new movie too?

Once we have hit our signature target this petition will be forwarded to SONY CEO Tony Vinciquerra, and hopefully discussions can start between Luca Bercovici, Jefery Levy and Steve Bersch at Screen Gems (a division of Sony) regarding production on a new and exciting GHOULIES reboot!

Take care of the bottom line. Let SONY know that Ghoulies fans have their back(side), and help support the campaign by signing and sharing.

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This petition had 559 supporters

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