Tell Smucker’s to disclose if the palm oil they use destroys forests and ecosystems

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There may be nothing more iconic about growing up in the U.S. than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but it comes at a price. One of the largest jam and preserve companies in the U.S. doesn’t disclose if the palm oil they use comes from illegal farms. Consistently, Smucker’s has failed to disclose if they source palm oil from farms that destroy rainforest habitats through illegal logging and deforestation.

I spent time in Borneo and had the opportunity to experience the rainforests and wildlife illegal palm oil puts at risk, that's why I'm calling on Smucker's to tell customers if their palm oil destroys wildlife.

Every new palm oil farm destroys a piece of rainforest and kills wildlife. The Sumatran rainforests may be lost entirely within 20 years if nothing is done. Palm oil has stolen these habitats and pushed species like the Sumatran rhino to the brink of extinction, with just 100 of these rhinos left. Illegal palm oil has also made Sumatran orangutans critically endangered, with only 13,846 left on the planet. A favorite lunchtime treat shouldn’t come at the expense of irreplaceable rainforests. We need to demand Smucker’s tell customers if their products use illegal palm oil.

Americans should know if they are destroying rainforests by purchasing Smucker’s products. Since 2013, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has put food companies on a palm oil scorecard. Smucker’s rates as a 4 out of 9 when it comes to palm oil transparency and corporate responsibility. As a company, Smucker’s does not share where they source palm oil, or how much palm oil they use annually. Large companies like Smucker’s have a responsibility to tell customers if they rely on illegal palm oil.

Illegal palm oil plantations destroy rainforests, devastating the habitats of lions, elephants, orangutans, and countless other threatened species. If illegal palm oil farms continue to be supported, the world could forever lose these unique ecosystems. Tell Smucker’s to stand up for transparency, tell customers where they get palm oil.