Shaker Heights High: Say NO to Racism!

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To the administration of Shaker Heights High School:

We demand you revisit your disciplinary course of action regarding Elena Weingard and Myahh Husamadeen. We feel that these students have done nothing wrong or deserving of disciplinary action by revealing racist remarks (student said they are "not pro black rights," "as a culture are scary, violent, rude, and needy," "black people... are loud, rude, and annoying") made by another student to the public. We understand that your stance is to protect the racist student from harassment, and we feel this priority is in error.

We are at a crucial point in history. Donald Trump's being president-elect has emboldened and empowered racists, homophobes, sexists, xenophobia, ableism, and islamaphobia. How schools choose to react to those who spout these ideas of hate and those who stand against them will shape how the country responds as a whole.

We feel that by disciplining the students who shed public light on another students comments, and by not disciplining the student who made the racist comments, you have sent the message that racism is acceptable, and those who stand against it are to be punished. This is a backwards, dangerous lesson for our youth. The students of color at your school have been made less safe due to your actions as administration; you have empowered their bullies and have shown you are not on their side. This is unacceptable.

We, the undersigned, demand that disciplinary action be taken against the student who made racist comments. We further suggest re-education in diversity and cultural sensitivity. We expect justice for Weingard and Husamadeen; we expect their student records to remain clean and their suspensions to be revoked. We suggest a formal apology be issued to them for their unjust and immoral punishment.

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