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Tell Senator Cory Gardner: RESIGN

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***NOTE*** State senators in CO can be recalled, but US senators cannot. Therefore, I've changed the title of this petition to tell Cory Gardner to RESIGN from his position; even if we cannot make him quit, we can make sure that he hears our voices.***

Cory Gardner clearly shows contempt for his constituents, calling us "paid protestors," and choosing to ignore the 99.4% (per his aide Jackson, as of the 6th of February) of his constituents who called into his office asking him to vote no against Betsy DeVos. Instead, he chose to honor the wishes of the wealthy donors (such as Betsy DeVos and her family) who contributed to his campaign. Let's get as many signatures as possible so we can send a very clear message to Cory Gardner: We are not happy with the job you've been doing, and you need to reconsider your choices so that you take the voices of your constituency seriously.

PLEASE sign if you are a registered voter, so Gardner can see just how many people are willing to vote him out of office in 2020.

Do it for our state, our schools, our teachers, our kids, and ultimately, our country.


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