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Tell Secretary Clinton: Support Microfinance Programs to Fight World Poverty


Half of the world's citizens struggle to survive on less than $2 per day. Without enough income, these people have poorer nutrition and health care. For children in these families, going to school is often an unattainable dream.

One proven approach to helping the world's poor escape chronic poverty is microfinance.  Microfinance is pretty simple.  It gives poor people the financial resources -- like loans, savings and insurance -- that they need to run a business and better provide for their families. These very small businesses are important sources of employment, income and opportunity in developing countries.

Microfinance taps into the skills and creativity of hard-working people. It helps them feed, clothe and educate their children and weather crises like illness, injury or natural disasters.

Thousands of people in developing countries have benefited from microfinance programs, but millions more need that same chance.  Tell Secretary Clinton to support microfinance programs to fight world poverty.

Letter to
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
I urge you to support microfinance programs as an important way to fight global poverty.

Half of the world's population struggles to survive on less than $2 per day, many of whom live in developing countries with few salaried or wage-paying jobs. In addition, most of these people lack access to the financial resources they need to start their own business and better their and their families' lives.

Global poverty affects us all -- so the United States must take action to combat it. The political and economic stability of countries is enhanced as poverty is reduced.

Microfinance has already changed the lives of thousands of families, but millions more still need that opportunity. Please support and fund microfinance programs and help the world's poorest help themselves.

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