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Tell SeaWorld to stop being hypocrites and end all orca shows!

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I'm a freshman in high school who cares a lot about animals, and that's why I think it's so cruel for SeaWorld to force orcas to perform tricks in captivity.  My friends and family know SeaWorld's recent announcement to end orca shows is just a big public relations stunt, but it bums me out knowing that so many other people believe all the propaganda fed to them by SeaWorld. Please sign my petition asking SeaWorld to end orca shows in all their parks!

SeaWorld is ending their orca shows in San Diego only and has no plans to take those animals out of cruel captivity. SeaWorld will also hypocritically continue orca shows in San Antonio and Orlando!

SeaWorld keeps orcas in an unnatural environment, surrounded by concrete walls, confined to a tiny space when they should be swimming miles and miles in the open ocean. They are separated from their family, left lonely or with other orcas that are strangers, are fed dead fish, forced to perform stupid tricks while loud music is blasting and become sickly, bored and depressed. I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty miserable to me!

Just recently, SeaWorld announced an end to orca shows in San Diego because they are going with “a conservation theme in a more natural setting.” If they admit this is a more natural way to treat amazing animals, that means they also know the shows are not about conservation and not natural! They are caught up in their own hypocrisy where money rules over common sense.

Last year, I convinced my school to cancel plans to visit SeaWorld because kids like me are against animal cruelty. More and more people are becoming educated and understand the reality of captivity for profit so I know the fight against SeaWorld is getting stronger. I've been to protests against the Taiji dolphin capture and slaughter, too, because these types of shows from SeaWorld send the world the wrong message that it's ok to capture and abuse wild animals for the entertainment industry.

I am positive SeaWorld will come around as the Ringling Bros circus did when they decided to take the elephants out of the circus. The fact that SeaWorld is a much larger company with shareholders to answer to means public pressure and financial pressure are that much more important to stop these orca shows at all SeaWorld parks.

Please sign my petition telling SeaWorld to stop orca shows at all their parks. Orcas are intelligent, magnificent animals, and they are not here for our entertainment.

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