Tell Scottish Cabinet Ministers to ban fracking in Scotland NOW.

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if we don't get an outright ban on fracking in Scotland now, we may lose our chance to prevent it. Across Scotland people are waking up to what a devastating effect this would have on our land, our health, and our communities.

I live in Torrance, a beautiful village in a scenic, unspoilt valley in Scotland.I  found out last year that Ineos Upstream Ltd have plans for a fracking operation here - and in a whole swathe of communities in other areas across Scotland. Fracking is a process which forces water deep underground at very high pressure to force gas to the surface. It has an appalling and frightening track record around several countries, especially the USA and Australia.

The Scottish Government is already being lobbied by powerful companies like Ineos to move away from our renewable energy strategy and invest in this toxic and dangerous industry instead. Please tell the Ministers responsible for energy and environment policies that we want Scotland to invest in renewable energy technologies and refuse to grant fracking licenses to companies like Ineos Upstream.

Scotland is at the turning point. Either we invest in the sort of technologies out there for clean, cheap energy - like Norway's huge hydro power scheme which creates most of their energy - or we go down the toxic energy road of the fracking business lobby's plans.

  Some key points you might want to know:

  • The Scottish Government's moratorium is just a temporary ban while the government considers their options - and gets lobbied by fracking big business in the mean time
  • Chemical spills and land and water pollution persuaded New York state, France and Bulgaria to ban the fracking industry outright. The public health impact on communities seen in evidence like the USA documentary 'Groundswell Rising,' and Dr Geralyn McCarron's Australian medical study 'Symptomatology of a Gas Field,' completely dispel the myth that fracking is safe. Have a look on Youtube for clips of the film, and google the report.
  • Research near fracking plants has documented regular earth tremors caused by fracking - houses with cracks in their walls, property values falling, meaning nobody wants to live or invest there any more. It's already happened in Blackpool and in places like Oklahoma right across the USA and Canada, 'man made seismic activity' been getting worse and worse
  • Recent documentaries like 'Gasland' filmed residents taking a match and setting fire to methane gas coming out of their kitchen taps              
  • Scotland's economy doesn't need this to create jobs – instead, if we make the right choices, we can invest in the exciting and very successful new renewable energy technologies being developed just now. And invest in already successful and growing Scottish industries- like video games, bioscience, and financial and banking services. And of course tourism and whisky. We can have a successful clean economy.
  • Last but not least – this is one huge step back to the fossil fuels we’re trying to eradicate to cut down our carbon emissions. It's not a 'cleaner,' 'transition' fuel - it has lower CO2 levels than coal burning (though it is still sizeable) but the methane gas emitted is a much more serious greenhouse gas. Do we really want to speed up global warming which threatens our planet and our survival?
  • For more information see , Youtube clips of the documentaries Gasland, Groundswell Rising and Frackman, FB Scotland Against Fracking and numerous local anti fracking FB groups, and the impartial research digest