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Scholastic, one of the largest education publishers in the world with broad influence over the reading materials of children everywhere, just dipped its toe into the anti-gay movement. 

The publisher is censoring a book that depicts a girl character with two moms because they consider it offensive and inappropriate for children, preventing it from appearing in its Scholastic Book Fairs.  These are the same book fairs that have reach to millions of schoolchildren nationwide.  By censoring the book, Scholastic is sending the discriminatory and harmful message to children everywhere that same-sex relationships and gay/lesbian parents are wrong and should be hidden from sight.

The book in question is Lauren Myracle's new book Luv Ya Bunches, which features one character that has two moms.  One of Scholastic's justifications for censoring the book is that they wanted to avoid letters of complaint from anti-gay parents. 

This is offensive, wrong, and exactly the opposite of the message of tolerance we should be sending to children.

Tell Scholastic today that you are outraged by its decision and demand that they stop censoring gay-friendly books immediately.

Letter to
Senior Manager of Communications, Scholastic Book Fairs Teryl McLane
Vice President, Corporate Communications, Scholastic Kyle Good
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Scholastic Richard Robinson
I was outraged to learn that you recently decided to censor a gay friendly book from your national Book Fairs, called Luv Ya Bunches. This is not the sort of discriminatory message I would expect an organization of your stature and influence among schoolchildren everywhere would be sending, and I respectfully ask that you immediately reverse this decision.

Children everywhere are bombarded with messages of intolerance. These messages are what cause the suicide rate of LGBT youth to be four times the rest of the population, and which lead to hate crimes against gays and lesbians. We need our respected educational institutions to stand up for everyone’s rights and not to further intolerance and hate.

Censoring this book in particular sends the message that children of gay and lesbian parents are abnormal, or that there's something wrong with two men or two women raising kids. There is nothing wrong with gay men and lesbians serving as parents, and Scholastic shouldn't be asserting that there is.

As a leading education publisher, you have the responsibility to act without discrimination. Your censorship is unacceptable, and without reversing your decision or publicly apologizing for this intolerance you will be clearly aligning the Scholastic brand with the sort of anti-gay message that I sincerely hope you wish to avoid.

I look forward to hearing your response.

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