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If you use products made by SC Johnson like Glade®, Windex®, Fantastik® or Pledge®, you may be exposing yourself to toxic trespassers.

You won’t find them listed on the label, but galaxolide and tonalide are toxic fragrance ingredients that enter our bodies without our knowledge or our consent. Other companies, including Simple Green, Clorox, and Reckitt Benckiser have removed them. Let’s demand SC Johnson to do the same!

Why? Because galaxolide and tonalide:
•    Are linked to hormone disruption and increased risk of breast cancer
•    Build up in our bodies—they’re showing up in blood, breast milk, and even newborns
•    Don’t break down easily in the environment
•    May make our bodies more vulnerable to other toxic chemicals by weakening our body’s defenses

Scents should linger in the air, not our bodies!

Letter to
Chairman & CEO SC Johnson H. Fisk Johnson
I am concerned about SC Johnson’s use of galaxolide and tonalide, synthetic musks in fragrance that are linked to increased risk of breast cancer and hormone disruption. These chemicals are leaving your products and entering our bodies, and they’re showing up in blood, breast milk, and even newborns.

I know that SC Johnson is a company that listens to its consumers’ concerns and acts on them. I am very concerned about SC Johnson’s use of persistent, bioaccumulative chemicals in your fragrances. Please remove galaxolide and tonalide.


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